Fantastic Opportunity!

There is a local animal rescue near us that do an amazing job. Anytime we have anything to donate we take it there.

I also leave my hand made cards with them.

I was contacted by them last week in relation to the Pet Bereavement Counselling and they requested some leaflets. I hotfooted it down there yesterday and left some with them.

My leaflets are going to go into their adoption packs.  

What an amazing opportunity for me to be able to reach more people and be able to help them. I know what you adopt an animal the last thing you want to think about is losing them, but many people adopt after losing a much loved pet so my services could be useful to them. I know I personally have adopted a pet after losing one I loved dearly. 


Please have a look at they are a fabulous charity and are dedicated to rehoming the animals into fabulous new homes.

Thanks for reading!

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