The Decision

I think something very important to talk about is "The Decision". It's probably one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make and as a pet owner one thing you can almost guarantee is that if your pet has to be euthanised you will feel guilty about it. Is it normal? Yes, the same as any of the other emotions that flood your mind.

You need to remember:

You didn’t give up on your pet because you had them euthanised and they don’t think so either. They know you love them the same as you always have. They know that if you could keep them with you forever, that you would. Recognising that your pets body and or mind was no longer working in their favour and allowing them to come out of their physical body, is the biggest, most selfless act of love that you can give to an animal. Your pet has loved you unconditionally every day that they have been by your side. You made this decision because you felt it was the right thing to do. I know you doubt yourself, however you recognised that their suffering needed to end, whether that was mental or physical. You recognised that they could pass away when you weren’t there and it could possibly be painful. So you made this decision, or perhaps you realised that another vet visit or treatment is not worth the stress on their body or mind. You made the right decision and they know that. Trust yourself, be kind to yourself.

If you need to talk about your loss, I’m here.


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